The Project of the Wolf GB08 Tornado, starting in January 2016, the new car was to take the lead of the Wolf GB08 Honda, which in addition to being the first carbon fiber CN, won from the day of its debut on April 25, 2010 over 80 competitions and twice the European FIA Title (2011 to 2012) the Italian Championship (2010) the Portuguese Championship (2014) The German Div.2 Championship (2014) the Belcar Belgian Championship (2015) the 3H Endurance Champions Cup (2015) the Asian ELMS (2015-2016).

During the design phase, every experience gained in 7 years of success was exploited to the utmost both in Endurance competitions and in Sprint races with the Wolf GB08 Honda, the Wolf GB08 Tornado was born around the Turbo engine developed by the Technicians of Wolf Power. The car is the maximum expression of the quality of Wolf Racing Cars. The Wolf GB08 Tornado debuted in May 2017, won 11 races out of 12 of the Italian Prototype Championship, in addition to important Endurance competitions such as the 3h hours of Imola, the 3h of Mugello and 3h of Misano, proving even faster than the LMP3 class cars.


  • Monocoque Carbon fiber , FIA approvede art. 259 , Sportscar CN Right-hand drive , two-seat, purpose-built sports, with double hooks for belts ( Left and Right)

  • Roll bars front and rear, FIA omologated art.259

  • Collassable steering column FIA approved art. 259

  • Carbon crash box front , FIA approved art. 259

  • F3 FIA approved ATL fuel tank 22 gallons (80 liters, with two fuel pumps

  • Dash-mounted brake blas adjuster with view stored borked bias on the display of the steering wheel

  • Weight car ready to race in Endurance Version is 570 Kg



  • Multifunction steering wheel Wolf Power , backlit LCD display with paddle shift

  • Steering wheel equipped with bottons to functions : strater , pit limit, light, rain; 5 flash headlights, radio , Manual Gearbox, Neutral

  • 10 pages with functions Practice, Qualifing,brake balance, diagnostic pages, values and states and electrical input of all electronic loads

  • Value fuel consumption on display

  • Data acquisition complete with 10 analog outputs, with cable data download

  • GPS, Indicator , Internal accelerometer & gyro, Led shift lights, real-time trackmap

  • Brake sensors upgrades

  • Suspension Logging upgrade + steering

  • N. 2 Power Box , output cable –Radio, Output cable CamHD

  • Software diagnosisi engine Wolf, with functions Customer and Dealers



  • PSA 1.6 Turbo

  • Produces  260 hp (CN Version) or 350 ( E Version)

  • Engine break, on the dynamometer

  • Dry sump with remote oil reservoir

  • Oil cooler & electric water pump to prevent heat soak.

  • Stainless steel manifold

  • Exchanger, Water – Oil



  • New Sadev SL82 r , Six-speed sequential transverse gearbox

  • Paddle-activated, auto-blip, electronic gear-shift system

  • Gear drive system with torque-biasing limited-slip differential, interchangeable gear ratios & integral reverse gear system

  • Lightweight steel flywheel & multi-plate clutch


    Piston Size (mm) 30 Piston Area (cm2 ) 34,49 Mounting Offset (mm) 40,36 Pad Area (cm2 ) 36,3 Mounting Hole Dia. (mm) 10,23 Pad Thickness (mm) 16

  • Caliper Body Monobloc

  • Pad Family B10 Caliper Material Aluminium Disc Thickness (mm) 18 Piston Insert

  • Disc Diameter (mm) 278 Weight (kg) 1 ,21 Mounting Hole Center (mm) 120 Fluid



  • Hubs front and rear iron plate, welded high-tech, self-cooling

  • Screws of the whole suspension NAS, Aereonautic

  • Rear with wishbone and push-road, 2 elements with dumper Oram

  • Safety release wheel, automatic Wolf



  • OZ Wheels forged Magnesium , gold color

  • Front 10” X 13 “

  • Post 13,5 “ X 13”

Aerodynamics and body

  • All parts, including the bottom of the car are produced in an autoclave