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Jam Motorsport offers services to get your race car on the track! Whether it be for a casual track day or a national championship event, we offer all services to get you ready for any day on the track.


Race car preparation includes, but not limited to:


  • An extensive 132-point check list to ensure your car is safe and ready for the circuit.

  • Inspection and maintenance of:

    • engines

    • all suspension, discs, uprights, engine mountings and body mountings

    • brake system

    • cooling system

    • final drive / gearbox

    • electronics

  • Oil and filter changes

  • Maintaining and development of car setup, using the latest technology

  • Safety inspection on all safety components (belts / harness, head rest and restraints, fire extinguisher, steering wheel paddles)

  • Parts lifeing (documenting kilometres and hours on all parts of a race car and replacing / servicing them at recommended intervals to ensure a safe and reliable race car.)

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